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Photo: Deutz Group: Cover photo Time for change

Time for change

“DEUTZ’s operating environment is changing, so it is vital that we keep moving. We are transforming ourselves into an agile company with modern working methods and new forms of collaboration. Our values are giving us support and guidance along the way.”

Tobias Bürger, Senior Vice President of Talent & Organizational Development, member of the DEUTZ Sustainability Committee

Our five new corporate values

The world is becoming more and more complex, creating new challenges for us day after day. To be able to overcome these, it is vital to have a solid foundation of workable corporate values that will keep us on track in a changing environment. At the end of 2018, we initiated a process to enhance aspects of our tried-and-tested mission statement and to adjust our inner compass for today, in part with the aim of clarifying key questions about how we perceive ourselves: What makes DEUTZ special, what drives us, what is the deeper meaning of our work, and how do we engage with our customers? The answers to these questions are provided by our new corporate values, which we defined in collaboration with our employees and are now putting into practice. After all, employees who identify with their company are a key factor in its success.

We are driven by passion

Our mission is to inspire and think beyond our daily operations. We share, we create, we try ever new ways to achieve our common goals. And we are persistent: We learn from our mistakes and work to succeed.

DEUTZ was the world’s first engine manufacturer to hold an EU Stage V certificate

With its focus on the future, DEUTZ has always been a step ahead with its engines and passionately sought out new ways of effecting change. This is as true today as it was more than a century ago, when the birth of the internal combustion engine laid the foundations for the motorization of the world. And this is demonstrated by the fact that, in 2017, DEUTZ was the world’s first engine manufacturer to be awarded a certificate for the EU Stage V emissions standard, which came into effect at the start of 2019.

Photo: Deutz Group: TTCD 6.1 engine with Stage 5 certificate
Back in 2017, DEUTZ was awarded the world’s first EU Stage V certificate for its TTCD 6.1 engine.

We maintain our pioneering spirit

We act with passion and courage, looking for new ideas and bringing them to life. We shape our industry by thinking ahead and setting trends in global markets. Our customers want innovative and outstanding solutions. And we deliver technologies for a sustainable future. Therefore, we create an environment for entrepreneurs: to embrace digitalization and to constantly enhance our products and procedures.

Photo: Deutz Group: Customised forklift truck version from Deutz
DEUTZ designs customized drive solutions on the basis of defined parameters, such as application segment, power output, emissions characteristics, and technical basis.

We take ownership

As empowered, responsible individuals, we stand up for our decisions. And as soon as we have made decisions, we move with speed and take smart risks. We want to be held accountable: for our actions, our decisions, and our agreements. We continuously strive to improve ourselves and our Company.

DEUTZ ideas management

Our ideas management platform enables every employee to make suggestions on how the Company can work more efficiently. The scheme is open to employees in all departments, and their ideas do not have to relate to their own area. Our innovation center illustrates how an employee’s idea has been brought to life and shows that everyone can help our Company to move forward.

Photo: Deutz Group: 1,063 submitted ideas 2019/ Deutz Ideas Management

We value our knowledge

Success is driven by expertise, which is why we undertake lifelong learning to ensure our growth. We always put our knowledge to the test.

DEUTZ pitch event

We launched the DEUTZ pitch event in mid-2019. This involves employees from different departments forming interdisciplinary teams and, during a series of workshops, developing innovative approaches such as for service solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence. Selected innovation teams go through to the second round, the DEUTZ accelerator program, in which the initial idea is developed into a prototype over ten weeks. Its market potential is then evaluated, applying methods used by start-ups and consulting closely with customers.

Photo: Deutz Group: Deutz Pitch Event
The team "One Stop Service" presents its innovative ideas for digitalizing the service business to the judging panel.

We are one team

We join forces – as employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. Everyone is involved, everyone participates. We cooperate with trust, respect, integrity, and transparency. Team members support each other, and we argue in a constructive way.

DEUTZ system days

We use agile methods of product development for our electric and hybrid drives. This involves dividing the overall system into smaller sub-systems – such as the drive, battery, and systems control – and then assigning them to different teams. During the system days, which take place every four weeks, the development teams meet to make sure that the results of their work are aligned. Relevant stakeholders from outside these teams also take part. The individual teams hold their own coordination meetings every two weeks. These short intervals enable the teams to respond rapidly to changing parameters, whether they relate to market conditions or customer needs.

Photo: Deutz Group: Agile working methods
DEUTZ uses agile working methods.