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Photo: Deutz Group: Cover photo Time for Innovation

Time for innovation

“The engine of innovation at DEUTZ never stands still. As a trailblazer of off-highway and marine drive systems for a zero-carbon future, we are demonstrating our pioneering spirit as we forge ahead with the further development of our innovative products while working to ensure that they are compatible with different technologies.”

Dr. Markus Müller,
Senior Vice President of Product Development & Technical Customer Support

Tackling global challenges by ensuring compatibility with different technologies

Our customers want products that are always reliable and powerful, comply with statutory emissions standards and noise limits, and yet are still affordable. And our challenge is to ensure these requirements are met. We have to keep moving if we are to strike the right balance between technical, environmental, and financial objectives. Because different solutions are required for different applications, we develop our portfolio in such a way that our products are compatible with different technologies. This means that we will focus on offering a combination of diesel, gas, hydrogen, petroleum, hybrid, and electric drives.

DEUTZ is prepared for the global
challenges of tomorrow

To some extent, the impetus for engine development comes from emissions directives and the introduction of new exhaust emissions standards that impose limits on harmful emissions, such as soot particles and nitrogen oxides. Because of this, our development activities are focused on bringing our engines into line with current and future emissions standards, such as EU Stage V and China IV, and at the same time developing innovative drive systems that are compatible with a variety of technologies. This enables us to make a lasting contribution to the fight against climate change.

Emissions legislation for mobile machinery in 2020

Graphic: Deutz Group: Emission legislation for mobile machinery in 2020

Reduction of NO2 and particulate emissions in the off-highway sector

Graphic: Deutz Group: Development reduction for off-highway sector
EU Stage V limits the number of particulates for the first time. Reduction between 1999 and 2019:
1)  NO2 95.7 % 2) Particulate emissions 97.9%

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Revolutionizing power

DEUTZ presents innovative drive systems that are compatible with different technologies at bauma 2019

Our industry faces huge challenges. How can future drive systems be both sustainable and powerful and still meet ever tighter regulatory requirements? Our answer is REVOLUTIONIZING POWER. This was the slogan with which we exhibited a broad portfolio of innovative drive systems for the off-highway and marine sectors ranging from diesel and gas to hydrogen, hybrid, and electric solutions for a zero-carbon future. As well as the countless new engine models on display, delegates were able to see our successful E-DEUTZ customer applications in action outside in the grounds of the world’s largest trade fair for construction equipment.

Photo: Deutz Group: Diesel engine


DEUTZ’s EU Stage V diesel engines are a standalone power source with compact dimensions. The robust and sophisticated exhaust aftertreatment minimizes emissions, thereby helping to protect the environment.

Photo: Deutz Group: Gas engine


DEUTZ’s gas engines are robust industrial drive systems that offer an environmentally friendly alternative without the need for extensive exhaust aftertreatment. They are particularly suitable for forklift trucks and compact construction equipment.

Photo: Deutz Group: hydrogen engine


DEUTZ’s hydrogen internal combustion engine enables carbon emissions to be eliminated and represents a cost-efficient alternative to electric drives, fuel-cell drives and other emission-free technology.

Photo: Deutz Group: Engine for alternative fuels

Alternative fuels

In the future, it will be possible to operate DEUTZ’s internal combustion engines on a carbon-neutral basis by using synthetic fuels. DEUTZ has already approved its entire TCD engine range up to EU Stage IV for operation with these types of alternative fuel.

Photo: Deutz Group: Hybrid/fully electric motor


The E-DEUTZ product range includes hybrid and all-electric drive systems for off-highway applications that reduce both CO2 emissions and operating costs.

Photo: Deutz Group: Presentation of customised drive solution 1

Customer benefits at a glance – innovative customized products from DEUTZ

DEUTZ Advanced Configurator: customized drive solutions

One of the highlights of our appearance at the bauma trade fair was a 3D presentation of our modular product system, in which various engines were configured in real time and then depicted as a 360-degree virtual model. We use the product modules to design drive systems for our customers that are tailored to their requirements regarding application segment, power output, emissions characteristics, and technical basis – whether diesel, gas, hybrid, or electric – and are suited to the operating conditions. This allows our customers to respond quickly and flexibly to technological advances and changing market requirements. At the same time, we can help to protect the environment.

Photo: Deutz Group: Presentation of customised drive solution 2
DEUTZ Board of Management member Michael Wellenzohn demonstrates DEUTZ’s modular product system to delegates at the world’s largest trade fair for construction equipment.

DEUTZ Advanced Repair: digitalizing the service business

‘We care. We support. We deliver.’ was the slogan with which we presented our comprehensive range of services at bauma. Our DEUTZ Advanced Repair service concept helps our customers to react much more quickly, reduce downtime, and lower their costs. For example, mechanics can perform remote engine diagnostics via a tablet. And it takes just a few more taps on the screen to connect to a local service partner via a centralized online platform or to order spare parts at any time of day or night. As well as end customers, this ultimately benefits all parties in the value chain, whether the equipment manufacturer, the ­service partner, the workshop, or the fleet operator.

Photo: Deutz Group: Digitalisation of the service system
DEUTZ is deploying digital service processes.

DEUTZ is ready for China,
the world’s largest engine market

China, the world’s largest individual market for construction equipment, is growing steadily but also undergoing a fundamental shift. Emissions standards are being tightened, and the government is persistent in its efforts to push ahead with the further development of diesel engines and alternative drives, such as those powered by electricity, sustainable fuels, or hydrogen.

SANY, China’s biggest construction equipment group, relies on drive technology from DEUTZ

Our joint venture with SANY, China’s largest construction equipment group, is proof positive that we are on course to position ourselves as the ideal technology partner in the Chinese market. We hold a majority stake of 51 percent in the joint venture, which forms part of SANY’s intelligent heavy truck project. As well as various off-highway applications, we are also taking over the manufacture of heavy-truck engines for SANY. In September 2019, the foundation stone was laid for a high-performance-engine assembly plant in the Chinese city of Changsha. In the first phase, we will manufacture around 75,000 new engines for SANY for off- and on-highway applications in 2022. These engines will comply with the China IV and China 6 emissions standards respectively. There is potential for a larger production volume. To put this into context, we currently supply around 10,000 engines a year in total to China. The province of Hunan supports the setting up of the joint venture and is contributing several tens of millions of US dollars in additional funding to the project.

Photo: Deutz Group: Foundation stone laid for high-performance engine assembly plant
DEUTZ presents its innovative drive portfolio during the ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the new high-performance-engine assembly plant in Changsha, China.

Strengthening expertise through strategic alliances

In addition to our joint venture with SANY, we have also entered into strategic alliances. For example, we plan to start jointly producing engines with engine manufacturer BEINEI in 2020; the DEUTZ management team is to oversee the manufacturing of 20,000 engines at a new factory in Tianjin in 2022. We also want to significantly expand our service business under an alliance with FAR EAST HORIZON, China’s largest construction equipment leasing company. Going forward, more than 80 HORIZON sites will also serve DEUTZ customers.

Photo: Deutz Group: Factory for local contract manufacturing

Our partners in China

Photo: Deutz Group: Presentation of our partners in China 1
China’s biggest construction equipment group
Photo: Deutz Group: Presentation of our partners in China 2
China’s largest construction equipment leasing company
Photo: Deutz Group: Presentation of our partners in China 3
China’s oldest diesel engine manufacturer
Graphic: Deutz Group: Overview of turnover in 2020 in China
Graphic: Deutz Group: Overview of turnover in 2020 in China

Changsha, Hunan, China
Standort des Hochleistungs-Motorenmontagewerks im Rahmen des Joint Ventures mit SANY

Tianjin, China
Standort der neuen Fabrik zur lokalen Auftragsfertigung im Rahmen der Kooperation mit BENEI

Kunshan, China
Standort eines SANY-Motoren- werks, das in 2020 in den DEUTZ- Produktionsverbund integriert wird

1) Basierend auf dem Produktionsvolumen 2018; Leistungsklassen 19 bis <620 kW, non-captive.